Since 1959, we attach great importance to offer a wide selection of children’s eyewear. We work hand in hand with suppliers such as Minima, Lafont, Bbig, miraflex, bamboo and many others. We equip children from the first months with equipment adapted to their young age. Even if we surround ourselves with partner in service and irreproachable quality, nothing is unbreakable. That’s why we offer your children one-year “accidental” insurance (see conditions in store). If a misfortune happens to the mount, we will replace it with a deductible of 30%. In addition we are INAMI registered so that you can benefit from the best possible mutual refund.

We can make to measure all models of the “horn” type in cellulose acetate for you. You will have a choice of various colours. The price of a made to measure cellulose acetate frame starts at 462 pounds.

If you prefer, you can opt for a genuine horn frame, a very lightweight, natural material that has a certain style to it. The price of a horn frame starts at 822 pounds and varies depending on the colour.

Tortoiseshell is also possible as well, but given its rarity there is a very limited choice of colours.

Everything is done on the basis of an estimate and it will take from 5 to 8 weeks.

An experience of more than 50 years and the choice between the largest brands of lenses allow us to successfully adapt all types of hard and soft lenses, uni or multifocal, extended or daily wear. We are also specialised in the adaptation of lenses for keratoconus.

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Of course we offer most big brands of corrective glasses. These include unifocal glasses with wide field of vision, customised progressive glasses, specially designed glasses for work on computer screens, as well as corrective polarised sun glasses.

We work with the best glass manufacturers in the market and can offer you the glasses adapted to your needs: Varilux, Zeiss, Rodenstock or Hoya.

In our specially designed department for the equipment of the vision impaired we test the various devices, such as looking glasses, telescopic looking glasses or reading screens in the best conditions. All the tests are completely free, and we invite you to make an appointment for that department to provide you with the best possible service.

As the largest general optician in Belgium, we propose a unique selection of frames, whether classic, sophisticated, unusual or even tailor-made for adults, teenagers, children and athletes.